Elon Musk will soon start implanting chips in human brains Pipa News

Elon Musk will soon start implanting chips in human brains

Neuralink Corp., founded by Elon Musk, announced Wednesday evening at an event at its Fremont, California headquarters that it will begin implanting its coin-sized computers in people within six months.

Neuralink is constantly working to improve the product. It consists of a small instrument, electrode-less cables, and a robot that removes a piece of the person’s skull and inserts it into the brain. The company is in good standing with the US Food and Drug Administration, Musk claims, and is currently aiming for human trials within six months.

Neuralink is already making progress and actually plans to do implants in other parts of the body like Elon Musk. Musk also made two important product announcements at the event. The business is making implants that can be inserted into the spinal cord and allow paralyzed patients to walk again. Additionally, it has an eye implant that can restore or enhance vision.

The goal of a brain-computer interface, or BCI, is to make it possible for someone with a disabling condition such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or stroke to communicate with their brain using their thoughts. Having a monkey “telepathically type” on a screen in front of it, it said this.

The Neuralink device turns neural spikes into data that computers can then interpret. Musk envisions the technology being widely used in the future, enabling the exchange of information between machines and people.

Remember that Musk’s Neuralink won’t be available to the general public for another year or so as human trials will only begin in six months.

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