Emergency landing of Salamair flight in Nagpur.. Pipa News


Emergency landing of Salamair flight in Nagpur..

Emergency landings due to technical fault in planes are common. Recently, a technical error occurred in a plane belonging to Bangladesh. The pilot made an emergency landing as soon as the pilot noticed this. The details are as follows… Salamair OV406 flight of Bangladesh was going from Chittagong in Bangladesh to Muscat, the capital of Oman with 200 passengers. However, the pilot noticed smoke coming from the cargo area of ​​the plane. He immediately informed the air traffic control. As a result, the authorities allowed the plane to land at Nagpur airport in Maharashtra. In this order, an emergency situation was declared at the airport. Ambulances and fire engines have been prepared. But the plane landed safely. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as there was no accident. Officials said there were a total of 200 people on board.