Eurovision 2022 final live: Updates as UK, Serbia, Norway and Ukraine compete in Turin

Eurovision 2022 final live: Updates as UK, Serbia, Norway and Ukraine compete in Turin

The Eurovision 2022 finals are well underway tonight (Saturday 14 May), and for the first time in years the UK is with a shot at the top prize.

Sam Ryder, a singer-songwriter who rose to fame on TikTok, is representing the UK with his song “Space Man”, and is currently one of the favorites to win.

“It’s been phenomenal,” he said Independent about the support he received. “The whole team is working so hard to get around Europe, spending as much time as we can on TV, radio, singing on roadsides… with nothing but kindness and good vibes wherever we’ve been is.” Read more about him here.

However, they face stiff competition in the form of Cornelia Jacobs of Sweden and the ACT Kalush Orchestra of Ukraine. A total of 25 countries are participating in the final. The latest odds can be found here.

A trio of renowned presenters will lead this evening’s proceedings, joining pop singer Mika on stage with fellow host Italian TV personality Alessandro Cattelan and Italian singer Laura Pausini.

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Menaskin showcases new solo supermodel despite Damiano David’s injury

Poor Damiano! He reached the Eurovision finals using crutches (apparently he busted his ankle before the show). He and his band Menskin still proved why they were champions last year, with a teaser for a new track featuring a vivid rendition of the new song “Supermodel”. When asked if he had any advice for this year’s 25 contestants, he joked: “Don’t go too close to the table.” Referring to the infamous “Coke” scandal of course, where he was caught on camera leaning on a table—which was him picking up some broken glass from the floor.

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 22:33


Now it’s up to the voters…

and that is all! The show ended with Estonia’s Stefan singing “Hope”, and now it’s time:

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 22:16


Eurovision fans praise Sam Ryder’s Space Man performance

Eurovision fans are excited about the UK entry.

This year’s UK representative is singer-songwriter and TikTok star Sam Ryder.

The Essex-born musician performed his song “Space Man” in the final in this year’s host country Turin, Italy, following Italian rock band Menskin’s victory at the 2021 contest.

Ahead of her selection as expected this year, the 32-year-old made a name for herself on TikTok through a mix of her covers of major hits and original music.

Viewers shared their reaction to Ryder’s performance on Twitter.

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 22:11


Sam Ryder made us proud

What a performance! They really gave it their all, amazing guitar solos, incredibly vocals… this year is nothing to be ashamed of. Come on voters!

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 22:01


Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 21:57


Here’s the Eurovision press tent response for Moldova

I managed to record a bit of a press tent reacting to Moldova’s performance – they loved it.

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 21:55


Eurovision fans love Norway competitor Subwoofer

Fans have praised Norway for delivering quintessentially “wacky” Eurovision performances.

The annual song contest is well underway on Saturday night (14 May), with events taking place in Turin, Italy this year.

The subwoofer represented Norway, and a Red Riding Hood-inspired song titled “Give That Wolf a Banana” would likely go down in Eurovision history.

The group performed the track wearing yellow wolf masks that conceal their identity.

Fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to the song and its funny lyrics.

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 21:51


Sweden got major approval

So Swedish pop singer Cornelia Jacobs is one of the favorites to win this year… I’m not so convinced. I think good Eurovision ballads are the ones that tell a story, and I don’t get that from “Hold Me Closer”.

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 21:50



I have no words. There was a conga line in the press tent. Absolutely outstanding.

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 21:44


A nice but not particularly mind-blowing performance with “May Hokkandi Soul” from Iceland. Very polite

Roisin O’Connor14 May 2022 21:39

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