‘Even he didn’t understand what Rajinikanth was saying; Others don’t understand either’ – Vaiko

‘He also did not understand what Rajinikanth was saying about the meeting with the governor; Vaiko has criticized that others do not understand.

A consultation meeting was held with the party executives and volunteers at the MDMK office at VKK Menon Road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore under the leadership of MDMK General Secretary Vaiko. Speaking in this, Vaiko requested everyone to attend the conference organized in Chennai on Anna’s birthday. Also, a consultation was held regarding the activities of the Madhyamik Party in the Coimbatore district.

Vaiko, who met the media on this occasion, said, “Though I have not toured during the corona period, it is a sign that the MDMK is rejuvenating and growing as a force to decide the political direction of Tamil Nadu. This is MDMK’s Gibrandal fort. There are currently one lakh members in this Kongu Mandal and we are going to conduct the birthday celebration of Arijar Anna in Chennai very well across Tamil Nadu. “Although there is no economic strength, there is a thirst for ambition,” he said.


We are working in Anna’s way to bring down the Sanatana forces and defeat the imperialist forces in an ambitious agreement with DMK and defeat the imperialist fascist parties who can say one country, one language, one culture, one religion. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam President and Chief Minister Stalin has been acting like Dravida Model Government just as the artist has defended the principles. Nowhere like the schemes in Tamil Nadu have been introduced or implemented. The rule led by the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam is a principled rule. It is a pleasure that they are functioning as an ambitious government for the Dravidian movement,” he said.

Responding to a question about the GST tax hike, Vaiko said, “So people are being hit the hardest and it is the people who are being trampled by GST, not Adhaani or Ambani. The increase in the price of petrol, diesel and cooking gas leads to an increase in the prices of all commodities. People’s hatred towards the Modi government is increasing day by day,” he said.


When asked about hoisting the national flag for three days on the occasion of Independence Day, he said that hoisting the national flag is a good plan and it is welcome.

Asked about Rajinikanth’s meeting with the Governor, Rajinikanth said that neither he nor anyone understood. He says that he will enter politics one day; The next day he says he has asked to add members. Then he said that he did not join politics and left, so he said not to take him seriously. Coimbatore District Secretary Mohan Kumar presided over the event. More than a hundred party officials and volunteers participated in it.

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