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EVs at the price of petrol vehicles.. Honda’s new plan

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has announced that it will launch two electric two-wheelers in the next financial year. It said that the first vehicle will be brought in the mid-range segment. It is said that the second model will be designed to have a swappable battery. After that they will bring new models depending on the demand in the market. The first vehicle is expected to hit the market in 2024. It is not revealed whether these EVs are in the scooter segment or the motorcycle segment. Also, President Ogata of HMS said that the annual production capacity of one million units will be achieved by 2030.

It is said that the infrastructure required for EVs in rural areas is less. In this context, he said that he is planning to establish these on his own. He said that the cost of manufacturing EVs will be high due to batteries. He said that the total price of vehicles depends on this. In this context, it is believed that providing EVs at a low price without a discount is a challenging issue.

Ogata said that the electric two-wheelers they are going to bring will be unique in terms of design and technology. Similarly, the price will also be close to petrol-powered prices. He said that there is a plan to set up 6,000 touchpoints for vehicle charging across the country. It is said that plans are being drawn up to export electric vehicles from India to other countries.

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