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Students are struggling hard for the ISET exam to be held in Andhra Pradesh. With less time, they are studying by planning well. But instead of making plans now, which category questions should be answered first in the exam hall? Guntur (Guntur) is the dream of Mahatma Gandhi’s vice-principal. APMSET exam paper covers three categories. The examination will be conducted for 200 marks including those three sections. The first section will consist of Communication Ability 70 questions for 70 marks… The second section will consist of Analytical Ability 75 questions for 75 marks… The third section will consist of 55 questions for Mathematical Ability of 55 marks. This total 200 marks question paper should be completed within two and half hours.

Special focus on Arithmetics and Reasoning:
Students writing the APICET exam should achieve a good rank in the exam which means special focus on Arithmetic & Reasoning. Practice focusing on the basics and shortcuts in mathematics will save you time in the exam hall. Swapna advises that it is better to write the most time consuming communication ability subject at the end of the exam.

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There is no negative marking for the ISAT test

Vice Principal Swapna said that there is no negative marking for the ISET exam, so read the question paper completely in the first 5 minutes and mark the quick answers. By doing this, the students will understand how much time should be allotted to which questions. It is said that after completing all the answers given to you, if you write the answers for the rest, you will get the highest marks.

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The last 15 minutes are the most crucial

The last 15 minutes as much as possible should be devoted to correcting mistakes. Senior‌ Faculty dream of not wanting to go into any new topics before the exam. Want to learn more about shortcuts on basic mathematics. The Old Papers Revision in particular has been very helpful. Guntur Mahatma Gandhi College Vice-Principal Swapna News18 said in an exclusive interview that setting the timer and practicing on old papers will make the exam easier.

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