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Farmers should not give a political color to the protest, if bread and bread are expensive in a place, they will act there

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Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) Minister of Information and Culture Punjab Uzma Bukhari said that PASCO is buying wheat and the target of PASCO was also increased by the Chief Minister. We did not bring the wheat brought from outside, ask those who brought wheat. Do not give political color to the farmers protesting in Punjab. I will tell you that if bread and bread are expensive somewhere, we will act there, there will also be a reduction in bakery products, which will be announced immediately.

Talking to journalists in the provincial capital, he added that if the people of Punjab suffer, then Maryam Nawaz will suffer. Let’s see why the victims of Mandi Bahauddin did not receive help. Now there is a wave of terrorism and it is a conspiracy to destroy the country.

He said that the 5-member bench should decide on specific seats, if the seats remain vacant, these seats will not be given to PTI aka Sunni Ittehad Council. They are destined to live on the streets, they will stay there.

In response to a question, he said that a new committee has been formed in the scheme for journalists and will take several requests in addition to the previous requests.

Punjab Information Minister also said that a woman has been appointed in GC University, the Vice Chancellor will take this institution forward.

Regarding the tragedy of May 9, the Minister of Information said that May 9 happened in front of the world. There was a conspiracy against the country on May 9. The judiciary should decide the punishment immediately and according to justice, it is very good.

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