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fashion-designer-badalkumar-started-a-food-stall-of-bihars-famous-food-litti-chokha-agp – News18 Gujarati

Parth Patel, Ahmedabad : Have you tasted Bihar and Jharkhand’s famous food litti rice in Ahmedabad?? At first hearing the name, we think that this food must be made from rice. But you will be surprised that no rice is used in this litti rice. So now you will think what this litti rice will be made of and how it will be? So today let us talk about litti rice.

The traditional dish can be had for lunch and dinner as well

Litti rice is a traditional dish. Which is mainly eaten in Bihar and Jharkhand. It can be taken for lunch and dinner as well. Litti is similar in appearance to Bati. But there is a slight difference. The bharwani pitthi (stuffing) in it is made with sattu and the litti is eaten with brinjal bharta or mashed potatoes.

from your city (Ahmedabad)

This litti rice is started by a couple together. In which Badalkumar fashion design NIFT done from While Shreya Pandey is a mathematics teacher. He made mathematics easier for students by giving them quick ways to solve problems. Don’t stop helping students if they have any confusion.

2019in FDCI Khadi collection showcased at the organized Indian Fashion Week

Badal Kumar said that, I am originally a boxer, I am a native of Bihar. I 2012 in NIFT Studied fashion designing from Mohali. Currently working as a designer and pattern professor. I March 2019in FDCI Organized Indian Fashion Week ((LMIFW) exhibited my khadi collection in I am always interested in doing practical.

With this NID KurukshertaNIIFT, UID Have shared my knowledge in reputed design institute like Gujarat University and many design universities and colleges. I have worked with many design experts. In which Anuj Sharma, James Ferreira, Rahul Mishra and Tisso Ghari have been associated to design Arvind Mills.

Not finding the famous food of Bihar in Ahmedabad, I started cooking litti rice by myself

year 2012When I came to Ahmedabad, the idea of ​​starting this business came. I tried to find Bihar’s famous food litti rice here in Ahmedabad but couldn’t find it. Then I started cooking litti rice myself. Along with this, my colleagues used to test it on their friends. When friends ate litti rice they started telling me that you should start this litti rice as a business. But I was busy building my brand and failed to launch it while taking classes.

But 2022When I got married to Shreya Pandey, I asked my wife to come into the food business with Litty Rice. Because it was my dream project and she agreed to it. Litty then started researching and experimenting to make the rice test better and popular. At the end of a lot of hard work 31th July2022 On we started a new journey. At present we have people coming from far and wide with their families to enjoy the taste of litti rice.

Address : Litty rice, Shubham Complex, Sunrise Park Road, Opposite Sanjeev Hospital, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad (main branch) and Litti RiceIIM Opposite the gateIIM Road, Ahmedabad.

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