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Features of planting remontant varieties of strawberries – AgroNews PiPa News

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Features of planting remontant varieties of strawberries – AgroNews

Strawberries are not only a delicious summer dessert, but also an important representative of the berry industry. Growing in popularity, remontant strawberries not only produce plants in mid-summer, but can also produce berries in the fall. Therefore, it is important to follow proper planting and maintenance practices to achieve maximum yield and quality fruits. In this article, we will discuss the main aspects of planting remontant varieties of strawberries and their further care.

Choose a place on the ground

The first step is to choose the right place for planting remontant strawberry varieties. They like the sun, so choose a place with enough sunlight. Provide good drainage, because strawberries do not tolerate stagnant water.

Preparation of soil and soil

Choosing a site is an important step when planting garden plants. Strawberries grow best in fertile, well-drained soil with a neutral or slightly acidic reaction. Before planting, you need to prepare the soil by applying organic fertilizer, such as humus or compost, as well as wood ash and superphosphate to improve the properties of the soil and provide the necessary nutrients.

Landing rules

Here are some basic recommendations to follow when planting remontant varieties of strawberries:

  • Location of plants: Planting strawberries should be done at a distance of about 30-40 cm from each other. Sufficient distance between the bushes will ensure adequate passage of light and air to each plant.
  • Planting depth: The strawberry root should be placed at a depth of about 5-8 cm. It is important to avoid deep immersion of the root system.
  • Root pruning: Before planting, the roots of the plants must be cut, reducing their length to 10-15 cm. This will contribute to the development of new roots and the acclimatization of the plants in a new place.

Strawberry care

Caring for strawberries of remontant varieties is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. In general, it requires standard procedures: watering, feeding, pruning and protection against diseases and pests:

Watering: The treatment of strawberry varieties requires frequent and even watering. It is important to avoid over-fertilizing or over-drying the soil.

Fertilizers: Give the plants the necessary nutrients using special berry fertilizers.

Removal of side shoots: Regularly remove side shoots to conserve plant energy for berry formation.

Protection against diseases and pests: Using safe plant methods to protect against diseases and pests, observe the condition of leaves and berries.

The right method of planting and careful care will allow you to get a tasty and abundant harvest of remontant varieties of strawberries. Remember these tips and enjoy your own sweet berries all year round.


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