Few more Shiv Sena MLAs from Maharashtra arrive at Guwahati- Dinamani

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With more than 40 MLAs already in the Eknath Shinde squad, some more Shiv Sena MLAs arrived in Assam this evening (Thursday).

In Maharashtra, Shiv Sena senior leader and disgruntled MLA Eknath Shinde has troubled the coalition government with pro-government MLAs.

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Uttam’s party has said it is ready to leave the alliance if Shinde’s party comes in person and consults to ask him to leave the alliance. Thus, there has been political turmoil.

The Eknath Shinde team has 42 Maharashtra MLAs. That is why Uttam Thackeray has only 13 MLAs.

As the issue is still unresolved, some more Shiv Sena MLAs have joined the Eknath Shinde team in Internet Assam. The MLAs have reached the same hotel where Shinde and other MLAs are staying in Guwahati.

Confirmations on the number of MLAs who have recently reached Assam are not yet available.



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