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FIA arrests scammers for selling fake pubg id

Two con artists were caught by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) cybercrime circle in Faisalabad after making hundreds of thousands of rupees by selling phony PUBG Online identities.

It has detained three suspects in three separate operations; Two of them were linked to the PUBG account scam, while the third is accused of using inappropriate photos to blackmail a woman. The suspects named Hasan Shakir and Amir Hamza allegedly cheated the complainant and then took around Rs. 820,000.

Since then cases have been registered against them under the 2016 PECA (Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act). The second suspect, Zaheer Babar, was also imprisoned by the FIA’s cybercrime circle in a separate operation as a result of the obscene photographs of the complainant being circulated online.

According to the FIA, the suspect attempted to use the victim’s photographs as blackmail. During preliminary investigation, other objectionable material was also found in Babar’s mobile phone.

The FIA ​​last month detained a group of con artists for allegedly stealing significant sums of money from children along with prizes at fake Internet gaming competitions. The gang set up fake gaming tournaments with entry fees ranging from Rs. 6,000 to 8,000, and after collecting the money, it will close the contact lines of the participants and disappear.

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