Filmy Style Rada! Despite being blown up by a speeding car, the youth continued to fight; Watch Video Pipa News

Filmy Style Rada! Despite being blown up by a speeding car, the youth continued to fight; Watch Video

Ghaziabad, September 22 : You have seen heroes and villains fighting with each other in films. Similar film style Rada was actually seen on the streets. The fighting youths were blown up by the speeding car but the youths did not leave each other. Even after the terrible accident, the youth continued to fight with each other. This shocking video is going viral on social media. This is the incident in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Youths collided with each other on a busy road. The youth literally ran riot in the streets. At the same time, a car came at full speed. Then the youths who got attention ran away. But those youths who focus on fighting with each other are stunned. As the road filled with youths became clear, the car sped forward and drove directly into the bodies of the unsuspecting youths.

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You can see in the video that the car hit both the youths. Both of them were thrown into the air like balls in the car collision. Then the car fell to the ground. It even went under the car. But at the same time the car driver stopped the car and fortunately it was not crushed. Now after such a big accident, even if there is no physical injury, there is a mental shock. But these young men got up after the accident and started fighting each other again. Between the two youths who were fighting each other, a third youth came and started beating one of the youths.

Those who were present there captured the incident in their mobile camera and posted this video on social media. The storm that is going viral.

According to information, this youth is a college student. A complaint has been filed in this matter at the Missouri Police Station. Some of these youths have been detained by the police. The police informed that action has been taken against the car driver.

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