filmy! The bride brings the groom to the ‘mandap’ after a 20 km chase Pipa News

filmy! The bride brings the groom to the ‘mandap’ after a 20 km chase

In Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly, a bride’s wedding day became an unexpected chase for her groom when he developed cold feet and refused to marry. Unable to accept that she had been turned down, the bride dressed in her wedding finery, followed the man for 20 kilometers to find and marry him.

According to a report, both were in a relationship for two and a half years. However, on the day of the wedding, the bride sat in the mandap waiting for her suitor to arrive – and waited. The groom told her on the phone that he had gone to bring his mother to the venue, but she did not believe him.

Realizing that he was not visible, the bride decided to search for him and traveled 20 km to look for him. He eventually found her on a bus outside the city of Bareilly. The man was not in his wedding dress but was wearing normal clothes.

There was a dramatic conversation between the bride and groom for more than two hours. Finally the bride and her family as well as the groom’s family reached a temple outside Bareilly where the marriage ceremony was performed.

The bride was praised for her “courage to save the marriage” by families and onlookers, who reprimanded the man for “running away from the responsibility of marriage” after promising to marry the girl.

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