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East pen webdesk :. Scientists have found the world’s largest bacteria. It was found in a mangrove wetland in the Caribbean. Most bacteria are microscopic and require microscopy. But it is so big that it can be seen with the naked eye. The discovery of the bacterium was reported in a research report in the journal Science.

“It’s about the size of a petal in a human eye,” said Jane-Marie Voland, a member of the research team and marine biologist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. It is the largest bacterium ever found. Another member of the research team, Olivier Gross, a biologist at the University of the French West Indies and Guyana, was the first to find samples of the bacteria. He named it Theomargarita magnifica or Magnificent Sulfur Pearl.

Gross found the bacteria in oyster shells, rocks and glass bottles in the swamp. But instantly he didn’t know it was a bacterium. Especially because it is large in size. Later genetic review revealed that it was a bacterial cell. Petra Levine, a microbiologist at the University of Washington in St. Louis, said: ‘This is a remarkable discovery. The question is how many large bacteria there are. It reminds us that a bacterium can never be considered small. ‘

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