fire in Ahmedabad flat fire brigade rescue man

fire in Ahmedabad flat fire brigade rescue man

Ahmedabad: The state (Gujarat) is experiencing scorching heat (heatwave in Gujarat). The city (Ahmedabad fire) has come up with a similar case. A fire broke out in a flat on the 14th floor of Orchid Heights in the Shela area on Saturday. If a fire broke out in the flat and the software got stuck in the young man’s bedroom. The fire department team broke the lock of the flat door and evacuated the landlord. The mega computer in the flat had been running for a long time. Due to which the room temperature reached 70 degrees. So the fire department’s primary finding is that the fire was caused by overheating. The fire was extinguished by spraying water from a fire system installed in the building.

Room temperature reached 70 degrees

According to information received, software engineer Hardik Patel called the fire brigade and the team doused the fire with water. After which the young man broke down the bedroom door and got out. The room temperature reached 70 degrees as the computer remained on all night. Which caused the fire to overheat.

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Reported the fire to the fire team

Hardik Patel owns flat number B-2, 144, on the 14th floor of the Orchid Heights building. He fell asleep while working on the mega computer. At this time, a fire broke out in the flat due to overheating in a long running mega computer. The young man woke up to find out that there was a fire. He reported the fire to the fire department at 101 as soon as he saw the danger of walking to the place where the fire broke out.

Extensive damage to the house

Upon informing the fire department, 12 firefighters, a mini-fighter, a vehicle with a water bowser along with other officers including a divisional fire officer and an aerial ladder platform rushed to the spot. Since the landlord lived alone in the flat, they slept by locking the inside of the flat so that they could get out before breaking the lock of the flat door. The fire in the flat was a 14-storey building and care was taken not to spread it anywhere else. The fire caused extensive damage to the house in the flat. Police and FSL were also called in to help determine the cause of the fire.

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