Five days of Parliament session wasted: In politics, people’s Rs. 50 crore smoke Pipa News

Five days of Parliament session wasted: In politics, people’s Rs. 50 crore smoke

Updated: Mar 18th, 2023

– Next week will also be stormy

– No question of Rahul’s apology, no agreement on JPC issue: Congress ultimatum to BJP

New Delhi: The second half of the budget session of the Parliament has been marred by a clash between the demands of the opposition, including the Congress, for the formation of a JPC in the Adani-Hindenburg dispute and the BJP’s demand for an apology from Rahul Gandhi for his anti-India remarks in Britain. Now there are indications that the next week will continue to be stormy. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh has made it clear on Saturday that there is no question of Rahul Gandhi’s apology and the opposition will not compromise on the formation of JPC in the Adani dispute.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said on Saturday that the government is alarmed by the opposition’s demand to form a 16-party Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) in the Adani group dispute. So it has embarked on a ‘3D campaign’ i.e. Distort, Defam and Divert. Ramesh alleged that the BJP is apologizing to Rahul Gandhi for diverting attention from the opposition’s demand to form the JPC. Rahul Gandhi has not said anything that the ruling party is saying.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Friday that if the opposition comes forward for talks, the current impasse in Parliament can be removed. If the opposition takes two steps forward, the government will take two steps forward. However, in response to Amit Shah’s call, Ramesh was asked if anyone could find a middle ground to remove the impasse in Parliament. In response, the Congress General Secretary said, he does not see any middle ground. Because there will be no agreement on our demand from JPC and there is no question of Rahul Gandhi apologizing.

He added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had criticized India’s opposition in China, Japan, South Korea and some other countries and raised political issues. If anyone wants to apologize, it should be done by the Prime Minister. In response to the question that now BJP has demanded to terminate the membership of Rahul Gandhi, Jairam Ramesh said that this is an attempt to threaten. He also said that why Rahul Gandhi was not given a chance to speak in the House? The opposition is not allowed to speak in the parliament, but efforts are being made to hold the opposition accountable to remove the deadlock. In fact, only the ruling party is responsible for obstructions in Parliament.

Meanwhile, for the first time since 2008, the proceedings of the Parliament had to be suspended due to the ruckus of the ruling party. After the nuclear agreement with the US in 2008, the leftists in power with the UPA created a huge uproar. On the Adani dispute and Rahul Gandhi’s statement, Parliament could not proceed for the fifth day in a row. The second phase of the budget session began on March 13, but due to the uproar, the proceedings of the House could not be completed for a single day. While 35 bills are pending in this session of Parliament, only 42 minutes of Lok Sabha and 55 minutes of Rajya Sabha proceedings were held in five days. Due to this uproar by the government and the opposition, the public’s Rs. 50 crores went up in smoke. Moreover, there is no sign of the deadlock between the government and the opposition coming to an end next week as well.

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