Fiza Khan fell in love with Pakistani Dilshad on social media, left home to get passport made: Police arrested before crossing Attari border

In Punjab, BSF and Custom Department have arrested a girl going to meet Pakistani boyfriend at Attari border. The girl’s age is 24 years and her name is Fiza Khan. She hails from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh and wanted to visit her boyfriend named Dilshad in Pakistan. It is being told that both were introduced on social media.

According to media reports, Fiza had a visa to visit Pakistan but the customs department stopped her due to a lookout notice. This lookout notice was issued by Rewa Police of Madhya Pradesh. The notice was issued after the girl’s family members lodged a complaint with the police for running away from her house with necessary documents.

It is being told that Fiza Khan’s friendship happened on social media sometime before Dilshad, a resident of Pakistan. Since then she used to ask her family members to send herself to Pakistan. However, the family members of Fiza were not ready for this. Meanwhile, Fiza continued talking to Pakistani Dilshad and also got her passport and visa made.

On 14 June 2022, Fiza suddenly disappeared from her home with her passport. The family members already suspected him of trying to go to Pakistan. He complained about it to the local police. The police immediately issued a lookout notice to Fiza. Eventually Fiza was handed over to the Customs Department at Amritsar’s Attari border. He handed over Fiza to the Amritsar Police. Amritsar police sent information about Fiza’s arrest to Rewa police.

At present, Rewa Police has reached Amritsar and the process of taking Fiza on transit remand is underway. Amritsar Rural SHO Karampal Singh told that Fiza has been handed over to Rewa Police and after obtaining transit remand from SDM, Fiza will be taken to Rewa.

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