Florida human trafficker used adult woman as ‘bait’ on dating app, lured girl into sex deal: sheriff


A Florida man has been arrested on human trafficking charges after allegedly luring a mentally disabled minor into a sex contract, police said.

James Peter Hollis, 56, took advantage of an adult woman and a juvenile with mental disabilities, according to Sheriff Allennois of the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

“This particular individual had some really creative ways of abusing women,” Sheriff Nienhuis said at a press conference.

James Peter Hollis, 56, had two separate victims, an adult and a juvenile with an intellectual disability, whom he assaulted through alleged contracts, Sheriff Al Nahius said. (Hernando County Sheriff’s Department)

On Monday, July 10, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office said they were contacted by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office about the possible location of a juvenile runaway.

When authorities arrived, they found Hollis, a teenage girl, and an unidentified adult woman. Police said they initially did not suspect human trafficking and were under the impression that the minor victim was 18 and had been kicked out of the home.

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After taking her to a runaway shelter to reunite with her father, the teenager told workers and deputies she had met Hollis and the unidentified adult victim on an unusual social media dating platform.

“This was not a typical social media platform that we hear about every day,” said Sheriff Nienhuis. “There was some unusual sexual stuff in it.”

As the teenager began to share more about the harrowing story, authorities realized the young girl and adult woman were being trafficked by the 56-year-old.

Before the teenage girl could run away, Hollis, who was posing as an adult victim, approached the teenager and persuaded the minor to agree to a “dominant-submissive” agreement that included sex on the beach, police said. A house was promised to be built. in exchange for sex.

The contact “predominantly involved sexual activity with the dominant that may be out of her comfort zone but is not painful,” police said.

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The contract also states that the ‘submissive’ will always respond to the sexual needs of the ‘dominant’ in any way he sees fit in exchange for food, drinks and household amenities.

“It’s hard to believe, but that’s what the documents say,” Sheriff Nienhuis said, noting that the agreement gave graphic details of the alleged sexual acts.

After verbally agreeing to the deal, Hollis hired an Uber ride for the teenager and brought her to his home where she was given her own bedroom and food. After Hollis, the teenage victim and the adult victim watched a movie and smoked marijuana, the three of them “engaged in sexual activity,” police said.

On July 10, the teenager took photos of the suspect sitting naked on a couch before deputies arrived to investigate a report that she was a runaway teen, according to police.

Human trafficking

A general picture of a young girl. While interviewing the suspect and the adult woman, deputies learned that she was also a victim of human trafficking. (iStock)

On Tuesday, July 11, Hollis was charged with unlawful sexual activity of a minor, unlawful use of a two-way communication device and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The police said that during the investigation, they found that the adult was also a victim of human trafficking.

“As the investigation unfolded, it became clear that [the adult victim] Our suspect was also a victim of human trafficking,” said Sheriff Nienhuis.

According to Nienhuis, the adult victim said she felt bound by her contract with Houllis, and when she tried to deny having sex with the minor, he physically assaulted the teenage victim. forced to

“Young Adult Victim #1 advised that our suspect physically choked the youth during sexual activity, and because she knew how hard [Houllis] “Maybe, he actually traded places with the victim to keep the minor victim safe,” he said.

Before the incident, Hollis had sold the adult victim to several men in Colorado for sex, authorities said. Nienhuis said the suspect met her online when she was still a minor and isolated her from her family.

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According to police, Hollis has a history of domestic violence and has lived in 53 different places since 1980, including California, Colorado, Miami, Hudson and Hollywood, and believes there may be more victims before moving to Spring Hill.

The sheriff said both victims are in a safe location where they are receiving treatment.

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