For the first time extra terrestrial water was found inside a meteorite that fell in UK Pipa News


For the first time extra terrestrial water was found inside a meteorite that fell in UK

A meteorite that fell from the sky in the UK last year was the first time water was found on Earth. The meteorite hit a driveway in a Gloucestershire town in February 2021 and has provided many clues about where the water in Earth’s vast oceans came from, scientists said. According to the British online news magazine The Independent, “Ashley King, researcher of the Planetary Collection at the Natural History Museum, said about 12% of the sample was made up of water. “This is the least contaminated sample collected so far,” the informant reported.

Water has been found for the first time in a meteorite that fell from the sky

“The meteorite rock available now provides a lot of scientific insights and the composition of that water is very similar to the composition of water in Earth’s oceans,” he explained.

What do the researchers say?

“This is really good evidence that asteroids and Winchcombe-like bodies have made a very important contribution to Earth’s oceans,” Ashley King told the British Science Festival news paper.

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Furthermore, King confirmed that “this is the first time that a meteorite containing extraterrestrial water trapped in minerals has fallen in the United Kingdom”. “The meteorite rock found in the United Kingdom weighs 0.5 kg, the space agency said. Even for 12 hours it is not contaminated by water and material on earth,” he explained.

How did water come to earth?
Now “the only question that is always debated scientifically is how did water get on planet earth? This is always the biggest question. How is it possible that there are sources of water not everywhere, but only in some obvious places? Either comets are there or asteroids are there. Fact is. Are comets the main source of these water sources? Or are asteroids the main source?” King told Sky News.

In addition, some studies indicate that “the elements in comets are in no way similar to water on Earth,” the researchers explained. “The composition of water in Winchcombe bodies closely resembles water sources on Earth, thus suggesting that asteroids and carbonaceous asteroids are probably the main source of water for the inner solar system and for Earth,” he said.

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Ashley King revealed that the meteorite came from an asteroid somewhere near Jupiter. He informed that it was formed about 4.6 billion years ago and the years of travel it took to reach the earth could be approximately 300,000 years.

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