For the first time such communication gap | There were police and guards at every gate but there was no one to tell from where they came inside. Pipa News

For the first time such communication gap | There were police and guards at every gate but there was no one to tell from where they came inside.

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Such was the condition in Jai Singhpura... - Dainik Bhaskar

Such was the condition in Jai Singhpura…

Thousands of devotees who arrived on Monday for Nagchandreshwar and Mahakal darshan were troubled for hours. Apart from the general queue, there was a system of darshan from other gates as well, but for the first time a big communication gap came to the fore. For the first time, it was seen that at every gate, the police personnel and the private guards of the security agency of Mahakal temple were only trying to stop, no one was ready to tell where to go for darshan and how to stop. Where is the return from?

Because of this people got very upset. At many places, people lost their temper and pushed themselves up to the barricades. On many points people had arguments with the police and private security guards. This situation was created due to lack of coordination between police, administration and temple committee. For this reason people kept getting worried even after reaching inside the temple. The police officers on duty were not informed as to who should be allowed and who should be stopped.

Kept going for darshan with family from opposite direction, no one to stop

For Nagchandreshwar darshan on Monday where thousands of people stood in line for hours to have a glimpse of the Lord. On the other hand, in government vehicles of police-administrative officers, their families and relatives kept coming on the way to Madhav Sewa Nyas. Meanwhile, the family members of government officers and employees kept entering in the opposite direction from the exit which was made for the devotees after visiting Nagchandreshwar. There was no one to stop them.

The rain made mud at the parking lot, the vehicles were parked on the roadside, the vehicles were taken to the service trust, the officers were also stuck in the jam, there was a ruckus till the evening.

Nagchandreshwar, Mahakaleshwar and Sawari were made for the devotees coming to visit. Due to the rain, mud spread in the parking lots. The traffic police immediately changed the parking plan in the night itself and got the vehicles parked on the roadside near Harifatak Mannat Garden and Imperial. On the other hand, vehicles coming from Nagda Marg including Agar Road, Badnagar-Badnavar had to be parked on the roadside at Mullapura-Shankaracharya intersection. However, this increased the difficulty of the police. The crowd was so large that many routes in the city were jammed during the ride.

Due to the mud at the parking lots, it took a lot of effort to get roadside parking done on the main roads. On Monday, there was a long queue of vehicles on the said routes. Here, there was facility of movement for VIPs and police officers from Begambagh via Madhav Sewa Nyas Marg. So many VIP vehicles gathered here that there was a jam.

Vehicles of many officials from the Divisional Commissioner to Municipal Corporation and Police-Administration came out crawling from here. And in the meantime, this was the route for the bhajan troupes and artistes coming for the ride, they also had to struggle a lot to reach the temple from Begambagh via Madhav Seva Nyas. According to traffic police station in-charge Dilipsingh Parihar, eight to nine lakh people came till evening and parking was provided on the roadside due to mud at the parking places due to rain. The crowd was huge, yet all arrangements were made under the alternate plan.

Angry MLA reached the temple and said stop the entry of all VIPs

The administration had issued a large number of passes for Nagchandreshwar Darshan. Chardham, there was arrangement for entry from Dharamshala of Bhil Samaj, but from morning till evening they kept trying to enter such nearby temple. On receiving a large number of complaints, the MLA reached the temple at 6 pm. He expressed displeasure over the arrangements. In the discussion with Bhaskar, it was told that the same people who were earlier issued passes by the administration are being stopped from entering. It is better to stop the entry of all VIPs.

Pocket cut, mobile and chain also stolen

Taking advantage of the crowd, the miscreants cut the pockets of many people, apart from their purses, also cleaned their hands on mobiles and gold chains. This time eight suspected women and eight to ten suspected men were caught by the police in the crowd. On Monday, a team of crime branch, cyber cell and police stations detained an eight-member gang of women on suspicion, who are being interrogated. CSP OP Mishra told that till evening 10 to 12 people have given theft applications in Mahakal police station, in which investigation is being done.

Pressure increased at the railway station after noon, crowd of passengers with general tickets in reserved coaches

Due to the coincidence of Shravan Monday, Sri Mahakaleshwar ride and Nagpanchami on the same day, the pressure of the crowd of devotees suddenly increased in the city on Monday. The crowd of passengers started increasing at the railway station after noon. Despite the running of special trains, the additional pressure of the crowd remained.

On Shravan Monday and Nagpanchami, an unreserved special train was also started by the Railways between Ujjain-Bhopal from August 21. Apart from this, two pairs of special trains were also started from Indore to New Delhi. Whose stoppage was also given at Ujjain railway station, so that the extra rush of passengers could be accommodated.

Despite this, however, a huge crowd of passengers was seen at the railway station. Almost all the trains arriving at the station were full. At the same time, there was a crowd of passengers with general tickets in the reserved class coaches of the trains. Due to the arrival of long distance trains between 5 to 7 pm, there was a rush of passengers on the platform. Many passengers camped outside the platform and railway station while waiting for the trains.

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