Foreign Narcotics Control Unit data- Dinamani Pipa News

Foreign Narcotics Control Unit data- Dinamani

Drug seizures in India have doubled in the last 5 years, according to the International Narcotics Control Bureau (INCP) annual report.

Also, despite the proliferation of illegal internet (Dark Net) and seaborne drug smuggling, INCP has asked about the measures taken by India to prevent domestic drug production. were mentioned in a statement issued on Friday.

The report further states:

In 2017, 3,57,276 kg of various types of drugs were seized in India. After 5 years, 6,87,663 kg was seized last year, a 92 percent increase. India, home to a large number of chemical and pharmaceutical companies, is becoming a commercial factory for the production of raw materials for drugs. Unemployed well-skilled chemistry graduates are engaged by illegals for such work. Steps are being taken in India to detect and prevent drug production at the earliest stage, including improving coordination between intelligence agencies and regulating online drug sales.

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