Foreign Secretary Quadra meets with Sri Lankan President

Foreign Secretary Vinay Quadra met with Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in Colombo on Thursday to discuss the country’s current economic climate and India’s assistance program.

During the meeting, Quadra assured Rajapaksa that India would extend full support to Rajapaksa ‘to recover from the economic impact of Sri Lanka, a close ally,’ the news agency Newsfirst.lke reported on Thursday.

The meeting was also attended by Ajay Seth, Economic Affairs Secretary, Ministry of Finance, India, V. Anantha Nageswaran, Chief Economic Adviser, Government of India, and Karthik Pandey, Joint Secretary, Indian Ocean Region (IOA), Ministry of External Affairs, India. They examined the use of financial assistance already provided by India for the purchase of essential commodities including fuel, medicines and fertilizers for Sri Lanka. They promised that India would continue to assist Sri Lanka.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Arindam Paxi said on her Twitter page that she had met with Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka, along with Quadra, Seth and Nageshwar, to discuss the current economic situation in Sri Lanka and constructive assistance from India. At the time, they conveyed to the Sri Lankan President that India was ready to assist Sri Lanka in its rapid recovery from the recession through measures to encourage investment, strengthen transport links and strengthen economic ties between the two countries. At that time, both sides reaffirmed their commitment to improve India-Sri Lanka relations.

Sri Lanka has suffered the worst economic damage since independence in 1948. There is a severe shortage of essential commodities, including fuel, cooking gas, pharmaceuticals and food. India is providing financial assistance to recover from this impact. As Sri Lanka seeks further funding from India, officials led by Foreign Secretary Vinay Quadra have visited Sri Lanka to study the country’s current economic situation.



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