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Former husband Adil lashed out at Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil Khan Durrani has come out after spending six months in jail. In an interview, he has made many allegations against Rakhi Sawant. It is said that she can never become a mother. She has also accused of making her nude video by giving drugs and extorting money from people in the name of mother’s cancer.

In an interview given to Bollywood Bubble, Aadil has said that he has suffered a lot. He cannot even tell what has happened to him in these 6 months. His entire family, including his parents, has suffered a lot. But now he is happy after coming out. Adil has said that he had made a video saying that give him a few days’ time. But Rakhi Sawant trapped him and sent him to jail.

Please tell that Rakhi Sawant had accused Adil Khan Durrani of having an affair with a girl named Tanu Chandel. To this Adil has said, “Tanu was my friend and we worked together for a concept. Being a wife, I told all this to Rakhi. She already knew Tanu from Bigg Boss. Rakhi had also talked and met him. Being a loyal husband, I told Rakhi Sawant that I am working with Tanu. Rakhi also had no objection to this. I didn’t know that Rakhi would take advantage of this and create an issue.”

Adil reveals Rakhi’s affair and marriage, saying that he met her through a friend. Things started between the two. He had asked Rakhi whether she had married anyone from her Swayamvar to Deepak Kalal. Rakhi used to refuse on this every time. Rakhi reportedly put her hand on her mother’s head and said that she is not married to Ritesh. After that he had relented. Even when married in the court, Rakhi told herself to be single.

Adil has claimed that Rakhi and he used to use each other’s phones. During this, he found some voice notes sent to Ritesh in Rakhi’s phone. In it, Rakhi told Ritesh that she had made a mistake by marrying Adil. Rakhi had also said that she remembers the seven days she spent with Ritesh during which they got physical. Adil has also said that Ritesh and Rakhi are legally married. He was sending her money every month.

Adil claims that the news of Rakhi’s pregnancy was also false. According to him, Rakhi had a uterus operation. He was present during the operation. How can she become a mother when the uterus is gone? Adil has also said that Rakhi had shot a nude video of him. She wanted to prove him gay by broadcasting the video. Not only this, Adil has said that Rakhi used to give him drugs.

Adil has also accused Rakhi Sawant of extorting money in the name of her mother. It is said that he used to give 30000 rupees every month to Rakhi Sawant’s mother. But Rakhi was using her mother like a bank. She used to take money from us in the name of her mother’s cancer and used to eat that money.