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Former principal abused and threatened victims, court told – The Australian Jewish News

On the opening day of the trial of former principal Malka Leifer at Melbourne’s Adas Israel School, the jury heard Leifer had sexually assaulted three students and threatened one with what would happen if word of his conduct towards the girl became known.

Crown prosecutor Justin Lewis told the County Court of Victoria that Leffer had told one of the complainants, Dassie Ehrlich, that if she told anyone what was happening to her, he would publicize in the community that Ehrlich’s mother was abusive, verbally and physically, a belief Ehrlich shared with his principal.

The court heard that when Ehrlich tried to pursue a relationship with another teacher at the school, intending to ask whether Leifer’s alleged conduct was authentic, Leifer became “jealous” and prevented her from befriending anyone else. refused.

Lewis also told the court that complainant Nicole Meyer had been sexually assaulted by Leifer, who told her, “This will help you for your wedding night.”

Lewis described another incident in which Leifer touched Mayer’s pubic area and said words such as ‘I’ll leave that for your husband’.

Leifer, wearing a long black skirt and head wrap, appeared during today’s proceedings to recite a prayer silently from a religious text.

The trial began with some drama this morning, as Leifer’s barrister Ian Hill Casey asked the jury to be discharged if any members had seen an online video on Channel Nine’s website showing Leifer banning the media in Victoria. was shown in contradiction to a strict suppression order. Certain aspects of the matter.

However, Judge Mark Gamble asked the jury whether a member had seen the video would be sufficient and proceeded to do so. None of the jury members indicated they had seen the video, which the court heard Nine immediately deleted.

Addressing the jury at the opening of the trial, Judge Gamble directed it to review the 29 charges it would hear, and outlined the elements of proof needed for each charge.

He instructed the jurors that as Leifer has pleaded not guilty to each charge, it is up to the jury to find him guilty of each charge.

He urged jurors to disregard any information they learned about the case prior to trial.

The judge emphasized that although the charges would be heard at one trial, they were separate charges and that each charge needed to be considered by the jury only “the evidence relating to it”.

The verdict of the jury on each charge must be unanimous, he said.

The indictment against Leifer, issued in an amended form by the court on Tuesday, cited 29 charges against him, including rape, indecent assault and sexual penetration of a 16 or 17-year-old child.

The Crown Prosecutor’s charges related to alleged actions taken by Leifer between January 2003 and September 2007, while she was principal of the school.

According to the indictment, the alleged crimes occurred at various locations, including school camps, the school office, the school library, a school room, and Leifer’s home.

Leifer, 56, remains in custody in Melbourne. He has stated that he is innocent and has pleaded not guilty to the 29 charges against him.

With the jury coming into panel on Tuesday, the trial’s opening arguments began today and will continue tomorrow.

The attendance at the test is expected to be high.

The complainants’ evidence is to be heard in a closed court – and the suppression order applies to media coverage of aspects of the trial.

The trial, which was originally scheduled to begin last year and is expected to last around six weeks, will continue in closed court tomorrow.

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