Friendship: They give life to life, their friendship is more than life! This is the story of two rare friends!

Many people believe that friendship is bigger than love. A sacred bond in the world that is not blood relation is called friendship. There are many people who value friendship. Let us see two rare persons who value such sacred friendship. Sara and Ethan have been friends for many years. They value each other’s friendship. Ethan told Sarali to run away the night before the marriage when Sarali did not like the marriage. Remembering this occasion, Sara said about their friendship.

We only celebrate events like wedding anniversaries. But why don’t we celebrate friendship anniversaries, Sara asked. Not only that she says my friends are more than any romantic partner in my life. Sarah sings about Ethan, who has been with me for 36 years, saying that he is the one who made me believe in friendship more than any other relationship.

“Meeting in 16th year”

Ethan and I were 16 when we met. I was living in Seattle, he was in London. Thus the two attended a summer camp in Israel. From there our acquaintance grew into friendship. Our friendship that started from here is still there. After being away from summer camp, we kept in touch through mail. Sara said that our letters are also a proof of our friendship.

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Later we started living in an apartment in New York. Then we both went to meet, walk, cafe etc. “If we went to a local cafe, we didn’t have to order anything, the staff there knew us so well, we just spent time together,” says Sara.

“Marriage made me nervous”

Thus I got engaged to a boy, but as I did not like marriage, I was getting nervous as our marriage approached. Every evening I go to Ethan’s apartment and cry. Ethan also asked me, “Sarah, I have seen you since I was 16, I understand your mind. Why are you crying so much these days?” I also told about the ups and downs of marriage. But the marriage went ahead, said Sarah.

Eaton had advised her to elope even the day before the wedding

At the ceremony the night before our wedding, Ethan says, “If you don’t want the wedding, get out of here.” I said I will help you. He even told me to hold my hand. I got married even though my friend told me that much. But my marriage did not last for many years, but only my friendship is still there. A week later, on my honeymoon, my husband and I had a fight, our first rift. Then I emailed my friend and said, “You’re right, I should have listened to you,” just like I emailed Ethan.

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Six years later Sarah and the couple separated. Ethan and I became close after the divorce. After all these years, I don’t remember my marriage or the years of recriminations with my ex-husband. All that survives is Eaton’s friendship. Sara said about her best friend that I will ask his opinion about what I should do now. Sarah and Ethan’s friendship is truly priceless, more than any other relationship. It is our hope that the friendship between the two will continue to be like this.

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