From Principal To Most Wanted Criminal; Who is Deepti Bahl? The principal in the college is now most wanted in the 15000 crores scam case Pipa News


From Principal To Most Wanted Criminal; Who is Deepti Bahl? The principal in the college is now most wanted in the 15000 crores scam case

New Delhi : With the changing times, the methods of fraud have also started to change. Now look at the case of Dipti Bahl in West Uttar Pradesh. In today’s time the trend of bike taxi has grown rapidly and in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai people have appreciated the idea of ​​bike taxi. According to several reports, a woman was exposed to a fraud of Rs 15,000 crore based on this bike taxi idea. Interestingly, the fraud of fugitive Mehul Choksi and Vijay Mallya is also small in front of Deepti Bahl.

Deepti Bahl is currently on the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Police’s most wanted list and a reward of Rs 5 lakh has been placed on her. Since the first case was registered in this scam in 2019, she is absconding and is currently feared to have fled abroad.

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Who is Deepti Bahl?
Deepti Bahl was once a principal of a college in Baghpat district and lived with her family at Loni in Ghaziabad. Her husband and family were in the real estate business. The family formed a company named Garvit Innovative Promoters Limited in 2010, in which Deepti Bahl was made a director. It is claimed that Deepti resigned as the director of the company in 2017 and in the same year she started a company called Bike Boat.

How to cheat with the idea of ​​bike taxi?
Dipti’s company Bike Boat has agreed to invest 62 thousand 100 rupees for the bike, guaranteeing a fixed return to its investors. On which investors would get Rs 5175 EMI and fixed rent of Rs 4590. Apart from this, the company also used to give 5% rent bonus per month on bikes. So the company also signed an agreement to win the trust of investors.

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Deepti Bahl’s company started planning bike taxis in 2017 and by early 2019 everything was running smoothly. During this period the company introduced the concept of e-bikes and doubled the subscription fee for e-bikes compared to petrol bikes. At the end of 2019, many investors started complaining to the police about non-repayment. After that, when the investigation started, many were shocked.

2 lakh investors invested money
To get investors to invest in the scheme, the company released advertisements like ‘Bike Boat – Bike Taxi Operated GIPL’ and asked the investors to deposit money in it as soon as possible to avail the scheme. About 2 lakh investors invested money after seeing such advertisements.

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On the other hand, in November 2018, the company launched another e-bike plan, the subscription amount of which was almost double the investment amount of a regular petrol bike. In 2019, about 2 lakh investors of this scheme rushed to the police and filed a complaint against Sanjay Bhati and the company. The complaint said that they did not get the refund as promised.

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Where is Deepti Bahl?
On the basis of the FIR lodged at the Dadri police station, the entire case is being investigated. Deepti’s husband surrendered in Surajpur’s Loker Court in 2019, but Deepti Bahl is still not in the hands of the police and investigative agencies. Meanwhile, a red corner notice has been issued against her and Deepti Bahl is believed to have fled the country.