Fruit salad is a favorite of the people of Peddapalli Pipa News

Fruit salad is a favorite of the people of Peddapalli

E. Santosh, News18, Peddapalli

Generally, when summer comes, many people are more interested in drinking cold drinks. In this context, the demand for them is also at the same level. But the demand for cold drinks during summer is not to mention the health benefits of them. Fruit salad belongs to this category. People believe that this fruit salad, which is made with a mixture of different types of fresh fruits, is also good for health. But Srinivas has been running this profitable fruit salad business for the last 20 years.

Srinivas, who runs a business called Sai Super Cool Drinks at Gandhi Square in Godavarikhani town of Paddapalli District, is a master at making fruit salad. The people of Godavarikhani like to buy fruit salad made by Srinivas because of its good taste and quality standards. Moreover, as he runs his business in the heart of the city, his business is three juices and six fruit salads throughout the summer.

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But manager Srinivas explained the process of making fruit salad to News 18. He added that after collecting the pure milk and boiling it well, a mixture of custard powder is added and fruit salad is prepared by adding apple pieces, banana fruits and pomegranate seeds as per the interest of the buyers. Srinivas said that he buys only quality materials available in the market. Srinivas said that if the mixture of fruits, milk, custard powder and fruit pieces is stored in the freezer for a while, it will acquire some taste.

He said that the people of Godavarikhani town are showing interest in buying the fruit salad while the mixture prepared in this way is being sold under the name of fruit salad. In addition to this fruit salad, he also sells ice cream, almond milk, aromatic almonds, aromatic fruit mix, lemon water, orange water and other soft drinks in his shop. If you come to Godavarikhani once, try the fruits salad made by Srinivas and enjoy the taste.

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