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Gambhir-Kohli saga, from distribution of MoM award to tussle

It’s been really intriguing what could have soured the relationship between the two and if there is more that meets the eye. In 2009 when Gambhir was a prolific Indian opener and Kohli was the new kid on the block, the former shared his Player of the Match trophy with the youngster after scoring a century in an ODI chase of 316 against Sri Lanka. Was. Lanka.

While Gambhir scored an unbeaten 150, Kohli scored 114 for his maiden century in international cricket. Hence the Indian cricket fraternity is amazed at two such back-to-back instances between these two formerly close, but impulsive personalities.

Is it a result of personal frustration on the part of Gambhir, who felt he did not get due recognition for his role in India’s comeback in the 2011 World Cup? Gambhir, who scored an invaluable 97 in the final against Sri Lanka, once remarked, ‘Dhoni’s sixes alone didn’t win us the 2011 World Cup.’

It may be noted that luck began to run out for this dashing, left-handed batsman, who has been out of favor with the national team since 2012. Despite his success with Kolkata Knight Riders in winning two IPL titles in 2012 and 2014, he was never considered captaincy material in any white-ball format.

Meanwhile, Kohli had become Dhoni’s protégé and the World Cup-winning skipper had taken the upcoming star under his wing as a mentor on his path to captaincy. Could it have ever hurt Gambhir, who waited and watched Kohli’s rise.

The last hasn’t been heard on the matter yet, but for now, let’s hope the pair behave like adults!