Ganesh Chaturthi special US Family order ganpati idol from Mangaluru

Mangalore: Preparations for Ganesh Chaturthi have begun in earnest. First of all, the whole world is standing ready for Gananatha. In coastal Mangalore (Mangaluru), the Puja Punaskara will also be held for Tayaragho Ganesha in America. Vighna Vinayak’s statue already made here includes Chicago (Mangaluru To Chicago). Another special feature is that this coastal family has been involved in Ganesh Idol Making for the past four generations. So who prepares this foreign traveling Ganapati? Whose background? specialty? See all the details here.

A history of four generations
Row after row of whitewashed Ganeshas, ​​which look attractive, this family has a history of four generations. Under the leadership of Ramachandra Rao, a resident of Mannagudda, Mangaluru, the entire family of Varsamprati Ganapana murthy is made together.

Doctor, engineer..anyone is fine

His father Mohan Rao started the preparation of Ganesha idol, after that his four sons, after that his sons and grandsons have been engaged in this work for four generations. A doctor, an engineer, whoever they are, will come a few days before the Chauthi festival to give the final touch up.

Gannath reached America
This family has made 235 Ganapans as per the demand without using environmentally harmful dyes. Every Ganap here is prepared in clay.

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It is this family that prepares the famous public Ganapan that sits around the city of Mangalore. In addition, Sherlekar’s family in Chicago will bring the Ganapati idol to America from here.

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It is special that this family has been following the legacy left by their elders for the last 93 years in spite of modernity.

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