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Ganga jamuna special sasar idly in hyderabad sultan bazar

There are thousands of hotels in the city of Hyderabad. But only some of them have achieved special recognition. Some hotels have been running for over 50 years. A hotel belonging to such category is Pragati Idli Hotel. Don’t assume that a hotel is in a building like this. Anyone in Hyderabad will tell you about this idli, which has been running for 45 years on a putt path only. Let’s find out what is the specialty of Saucer Idli offered by Pragati Hotel.

A small hotel has been running for 45 years on the putt path near Hyderabad’s Sultan Bazar Pragati College. Initially Komaraiah and Kanakaiah’s father started this hotel less than 45 years ago. Currently his sons are running this hotel. Naturally tiffin is served on a plate. But here Idli chutney is served in a white saucer. Ganga Jamuna is a special item here. Don’t assume that Ganga Jamuna is something. Ganga means Idli, Jamuna means Upma. If you want Ganga Jamuna, these two are mixed together and served with chutney and powder. Hundreds of people come for this every day.

This hotel near Hyderabad Sultan Bazar Pragathi College has been running for 45 years. Initially they offered 8 idlis for Rs.5. As the prices increased, four idlis were offered for Rs.10. This went on for a long time. As the prices of minumulu, rava, putna and palli have gone up, the plate idli has been made Rs.20. Only Idli and Upma are served here. People come from many places to have tiffin here. Some of the nearby traders and auto rickshaw workers have been coming for the past 25 years. Customers say that once you have tiffin here, you will want to eat it every day.

Pragati Hotel is maintained on a putt path beside the road but is very clean. The plates are also kept very clean. In addition to this, the idli, upma, chutney and powders they serve have an overwhelming taste. Apart from this, the hotel managers and workers treat the customers very respectfully. All these are hooking the customers… hotel managers.

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