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Gangster Jarnail Singh killed in Punjab

  • Gangster Jarnail Singh was shot dead
  • This incident took place in Sathiala village of Amritsar
  • Gangster Gopi Ghanshyampuria gang accused

The incident took place in Sathiyala village of Amritsar, where some people shot dead gangster Jarnail Singh. Jarnail was rushed to hospital, where he was declared brought dead. Police have started investigation in this matter.

Gangster Jarnail Singh has been killed in Punjab. 20 to 25 bullets were fired at him, due to which he died on the spot. The incident is from Sathiala village in Amritsar, where some people fired at gangster Jarnail Singh. Jarnail was rushed to hospital, where he was declared brought dead. Police have started investigation in this matter. CCTV footage of the incident has also surfaced, in which some masked men can be seen openly firing at them. Jarnail Singh was a known gangster against whom four cases were registered. He was named in cases like Extortion, Arms Act and Firing.

Gopi Ghanshyampuria gang accused
Gangster Gopi Ghanshyampuria gang is being blamed for Jarnail Singh’s murder. It is being said that the people of this gang shot at Jarnail Singh and killed him.

Sidhu Musewala was murdered last year
Sidhu Musewala was murdered on May 29 last year. He was openly shot at, due to which he died on the spot. Goldie Brar was the mastermind of his assassination, she planned the entire murder of Musewala along with Lawrence Bishnoi and then executed the murders through her shooters.

How big gang was formed in Punjab?
Now the question is, where do so many gangs and gang members come from in Punjab? So if we take a look at the recent years and trace every gang and its members active in Punjab, one thing becomes clear. Each gang either tries to rope in students studying in various universities and colleges of Punjab or lures unemployed youth with false dreams. There is hardly any university or college in Punjab which is free from the influence of one gang or the other. The participation of different gangs is also seen in student elections.

Now the biggest question is about the gangs of Punjab. How did the gang culture finally start in Punjab? Which gangs are currently active in Punjab? And why is the Punjab police unable to take action against this gang? So let’s know the answer to these questions one by one.

Thus, there is hardly any state in the country, where there are no gangs or gangsters. But Punjab is different. Here every gang story or every gang is born from a single murder. But it does not end with the subsequent murder. But, the process of killing continues to increase. Punjab is perhaps the only state in the country where the majority of active gang members are in jail. But still his gang does not end or stop. Instead, it continues from prison itself. Thus, there are currently around 70 small and large gangs active across Punjab. These 70 gangs have around 500 members. About 300 of them are in jail. But most of these 70 gangs

Notorious, fearsome and dangerous are these eight gangs.

– Lawrence Vishnoi Gang

– Jaggu Bhagwanpuria Gang

– Gondor and Brother Gang

– Devendra Bambiha Gang

– Sukkha Kahlon Gang

– Gurbakhsh Savewala Gang

– Shera Khubban Gang

– Supreet Singh Harry Chatta Gang

These eight gangs were the most involved in all the gang wars or crimes in Punjab in recent years. Surprisingly, most of the leaders of these gangs were either killed or caught and are currently in jail. But his gang is operating from inside the prison just like it was outside. Or it could be said that many gang leaders have become more powerful after going to jail. Lawrence Bishnoi lodged in Tihar Jail is an example. Lawrence Bishnoi is the only gangster currently accused of Sidhu Musewala’s murder.

It has been many years since Lawrence Vishnoi entered the world of crime. He had a passion for growing up since childhood. Born in Abohar, Punjab, Lawrence is the son of a former police constable. He studied at DAV College, Chandigarh. However, despite three attempts, he could not clear the BA first year examination. Lawrence Student Organization of Panjab University i.e. SOPU contested the elections. But lost. And with this defeat first fell out with the victorious student group and then moved to enter the world of crime. After some time, cases of extortion, murder, highway robbery, kidnapping were brought to his head and with each case he grew bigger. Lawrence currently has over thirty cases. Lawrence has escaped from police custody several times. He was earlier lodged in Jodhpur Jail. But now he is in Delhi’s Tihar Jail. Lawrence has been in prison for the past seven years. But it is said that he has become more powerful since he was in prison. Lawrence Vishnoi’s gang is said to have more than 400 people.

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