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Geo Films partners for first hand-made animated film ‘The Glass Worker’

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Manu Animation Studios has announced that Geo Films will be our partner in presenting the first and unique hand-made animated film ‘The Glass Worker’ across Pakistan.

According to Manu Animation Studios, this partnership marks an important milestone in our journey as we along with Geo Films bring our captivating story to screens across Pakistan.

With Geo Films’ commendable expertise and prominent position in the media industry, we are confident that this latest partnership with Mandviwala Entertainment will ensure that ‘The Glass Worker’ reaches and inspires audiences across Pakistan.

It should be noted that this summer, ‘The Glass Worker’ will be shown all over Pakistan.

Jio Films presented many popular and masterpiece movies to its audience in the past and the audience always loved them, encouraged these movies and Jio Films played a major role in reviving cinemas in Pakistan.

For God’s sake, Bol, Tefa in Trouble, The Legend of Moolah Jatt and Donkey King, Geo Films presents popular and masterpiece films to the Pakistani audience.

Speaking to Geo Films, a representative said, “We are excited to present ‘Glass Worker’ as it is one of the few projects to make a hand-animated film not only in Pakistan but across the world.

He said that we appreciate the efforts of Usman Riaz and his team who surprised people by making a hand-drawn animated film, which will be released in the summer of this year.

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