Getting 100 per cent fit is the first priority: Jadeja Pipa News

Getting 100 per cent fit is the first priority: Jadeja

Returning to competitive cricket after nearly six months, star India all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja on Monday said his first priority is to be 100 per cent match fit ahead of the crucial Test series against Australia. “I feel good to be back on the field.

too excited. Hopefully it will be good as a team and also as an individual.

“…look my first priority is to get on the field and be fit…to be 100 per cent fit. Once I am 100 per cent fit, I will work more on my skills, be it batting or bowling. Now my first priority is fitness.

He said that he had spent time at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru and said that he wanted game time ahead of the upcoming Test series in Australia.

“I was in NCA for 20 days. I was batting and bowling. The scenario of the match is different. I wanted a game before the Australia series, so here I am. He has been selected in the Indian team for the first two Tests on the basis of fitness.

Asked if there is any trouble now, Jadeja said, “Not really…after five months I am playing competitive cricket, so you don’t feel confident initially.” “But as you progress, of course you get better and better. Injuries are part of any sport. If you get injured, you have to start from zero. Same thing in cricket.

“I was out of action for 5 months. I have to build my fitness. Once I get the confidence, I will definitely work on my skills and I will get better day by day.” He mentioned that it was probably his longest time away from the game.
“I feel like … because of the surgery.”

Jadeja revealed that it was a ligament tear.

“You felt bad. Nobody wants to get injured at your peak. It’s part of the game. You have to keep that in mind and be prepared for it. There’s nothing you can do. There’s no guarantee that cricket No one will get hurt.

“It was a ligament tear. Coming good. I am slowly getting confidence.” Jadeja insisted that though he was practicing at the NCA, the match is a different ball game.

“Like I said, one match is a different thing. Different ball game… I’ll try to give my 100 per cent. I’ll try to go slowly, slowly. Let’s see how my leg feels And then we’ll see.” With star keeper-batsman Rishabh Pant expected to be out of the field for a long time after being involved in a road accident last month, the focus will be on the player to don the big gloves in the Test against the Aussies and Jadeja has made both the appearances. Sreekar was given a chance. Bharat and Ishaan Kishan have agreed to the role. “I am comfortable with everyone. First I need to be comfortable… (laughs) They’re both great keepers. Sreekar Bharat is coming into the team now. He has a lot to learn. He will learn and get better and better as he plays more number of games. I am very.

“I was not thinking too much about cricket, after two-three months when I got injured and had surgery. I was busy with some election things (of his wife) which helped me a lot,” Jadeja signed off.


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