Godhra LCB and police team SEIZ alcohol, seizing lakhs of liquor in Pushpa film style.PSP – News18 Gujarati

Godhra LCB and police team SEIZ alcohol, seizing lakhs of liquor in Pushpa film style.PSP – News18 Gujarati

Shivam Purohit, Panchmahal: The state of Gujarat is considered to be a dry state where despite the strict ban on Prohibited liquor and beer, a huge oil tanker smuggling liquor in the style of Pushpa (Pushpa) film was caught by LCB police. . A total of Rs 3 lakh worth of liquor and beer and a tanker worth Rs 3 lakh have been seized.

Godhra LCB branch and Godhra taluka police team speeded a liquor tanker on Godhra highway.

In the midst of these bootleggers’ attempts to smuggle millions of rupees of foreign liquor across the border into Gujarat by thwarting the enforcement of strict liquor ban in Gujarat, a huge quantity of foreign liquor was going to Vadodara via Godhra Dahod Bypass Highway. According to a tip-off, the Godhra LCB branch and the Godhra taluka police team carried out a search operation on the Dahod-Godhra highway near Kevadia. Was expedited. Due to large quantities of police caught, the darkness of the liquor bootleggers was triggered in the dark.

The tanker was to be loaded with foreign liquor from Haryana and delivered to Vadodara.

PSIJN Singh, who was on duty at the Reader’s branch at Godhra and exposed the nefarious business of bootleggers, had received a tip-off that a tanker numbered GJ12BY2206 had been loaded with foreign liquor from Haryana and was being sent to Vadodara. PSI JN Parmar of Godhra LCB branch was informed about this secret information and this was reported to PSI NK Dabhi of Godhra Taluka Police Station at night. A close inspection of the tanker number GJ12BY2206, which was intercepted at the site, led to the discovery of 5,916 bottles of liquor and beer worth about Rs 3 lakh in a burglar compartment inside the cabin.

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Alcohol was smuggled in the tanker.

Manohar Dhimarao Bisnoi of Sonari Sekwa ​​village in Barmer district of Rajasthan, who was caught with the tanker, was selling peas to the police. Said to be arriving at. However, after passing the police outposts of several states from Haryana, the tanker came under the control of Panchmahal police system and a case has been registered in Godhra taluka police station after confiscating the quantity of liquor and the tanker worth about Rs 3 lakh.

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This is not the first case of large scale alcohol smuggling in a dry state like Gujarat. While bootleggers trading in illegal drugs in the state are not afraid of the law, on the other hand, it seems that these are just small fish.

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