Gold improved by ₹ 41, silver fell by ₹ 90 Pipa News


Gold improved by ₹ 41, silver fell by ₹ 90

MUMBAI: Gold and silver prices recovered slowly from a lower head at the start of the session in London as the dollar index retreated from a three-month high in the global exchange market. However, gains in gold were limited today as investors took a cautious stance in fresh purchases as investors focused on US jobs data due tomorrow. Thus, despite the encouraging global report, the local jewelery market, especially gold stockists, investors and jewelery manufacturers were discouraged in new purchases, but as the rupee depreciated by 9 paise against the dollar in the local forex market, the import of gold rose to Rs 10 per gram. 41 was marginal improvement, while in silver, the selling pressure of stockists remained at Rs. There was a decrease of 90. Today, in addition to the aggressive selling pressure of stockists, especially in .999 touch silver, the demand from industrial users and jewelery manufacturers is also limited, and the price per kg is Rs. 90 with a reduction of Rs. remained at the head of 61,793. Today, however, demand from jewelery manufacturers remained subdued due to lack of fresh buying against stockists and investors’ sporadic selling of gold, due to the hope of further price reduction, but due to the weak rupee in addition to retail level wedding demand, gold prices are currently at Rs. 10 per gram. 41 to 99.5 99.5 touch standard gold Rs. 55,065 and 99.9 touch standard gold at Rs. 55,286 remained at the head. The dollar index opened the session in London today retreating from a higher head, with spot gold up 0.2 percent from yesterday’s close at around $1,818.03 and futures up 0.2 percent from yesterday’s close at around $1,821.60, while spot silver was quoted at around $1,821.60. Prices were quoting around $20.11 an ounce, up 0.6 percent from yesterday’s close. All eyes of investors and traders are fixed on the US jobs data due tomorrow. However, market circles are expecting non-farm payroll data or the number of non-farm employment to add 2,05,000 in the month of February.