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Gold price stability

Riyadh: The price of gold remained stable in Saudi Arabia today compared to the previous day, it is expected that the price of gold in the kingdom will decrease.

According to the report of the Saudi media, stability has been observed in gold prices at the start of business on Sunday, September 17, in the Saudi gold market.

According to Urgent Web, 21 carat gold was sold at 202.95 Rials per gram, and the gold price was recorded at 202.98 Rials at the close of business on Saturday.

The price of 24 karat gold per gram has been 231.98 riyals, 22 karat 212.65 per gram and 18 karat 173.99 riyals.

In the kingdom, 21 carat eight grams of gold was available at 1,948.63 Rials, 22 carats at 041.43 Rials per gram while 24 carats at 2,227.01 Rials per gram and 233,604.13 Rials per kilogram of gold.


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