Gone are the days of looking towards rivers for rains.. 50 crore sanctioned for Vanadurga project Pipa News

Gone are the days of looking towards rivers for rains.. 50 crore sanctioned for Vanadurga project

HYDERABAD, ANDHRA PRABHA: The history of agriculture is a major part of human history. Agriculture is the most dominant sector in the country’s economy. Since the beginning of time till today, efforts have been made to develop this sector as agriculture is considered to be the most important for the needs of humanity expanding on the unexpanded land. From Satavahanu to Asaf Jahi, the irrigation sector has been prioritized as only if there is plenty of water resources, but the farmers have become the bane of agriculture in the joint administration. After preparing Telangana to prevent such incidents from happening again, CM KCR gave high priority to the agriculture and drinking water sector, construction of new projects in Krishna and Godavari river basins and renovation of old projects became a festival of agriculture in Telangana. Conservation of water resources has been made a continuous process with emphasis on restoration of projects built hundreds of years ago. In this background, the Nizam Rajas started the development of Mahabub Nahar and Fateh Nahar canals built in 1905 by turning them into Vanadurga project.

In the districts of Mahabub Nagar and Medak, where the migrant laborers live for employment in Batukuporo, the crop fields are full of green crops due to the priority given by CM KCR to the restoration of water projects. Mahabub Nahar and Fateh Nahar canals built in 1905 with a capacity of 0.135 on the Manjira river between Kolcharam and Papannapetamanda in Medak district were named after Vanadurga, the canal embankment, raising the height of the dams, and the construction of irrigation water wells from the canals to the agricultural fields were undertaken. The work of rehabilitating the canals in the area of ​​43.68 km is going on fast. Through this Vanadurga project, the work has been speeded up to irrigate two crops with the aim of stabilizing 2165 acres of Ayakattu.

For the construction of Vanadurga canals along with increasing the water storage capacity, the State Government GORT No. 37 allocated funds through Already with Rs.43.64 crores, work is being done since 2016 and another Rs. 50 crore has been sanctioned and the government has handed over works to Messrs. Raghava Construction to build canals, embankments and projects for the crop fields and if the works are completed by March 31, 2023, there is a possibility of increasing the water storage during the rainy season. It was ordered to complete the work within the deadline. With the priority given by the government to the irrigation sector in the state, the days of looking for water are over. The games of the mother frog, which was played to propitiate the god Varuna, have disappeared. Telangana state will be transformed into an agricultural field. Medak, which is mainly known in history as Metukuseema, is ready to transform to live up to its reputation.

In the past, when Yasangi came, the lands were left fallow and all the farmers became labourers. It was last nine years ago with Mata Jeedhara Kaleswaram and green crops were being grown with ample irrigation water. Crops are growing in lakhs of acres due to the abundance of water in ponds, ponds, reservoirs and water sources. The days of waiting for rain on the moguls are over as Telangana state is becoming an irrigated field with the capacity increase of water reservoirs along with reservoirs and canals.

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