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Google’s AI Art Selfie turns me into a Vermeer painting – Business Insider PiPa News

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Google’s AI Art Selfie turns me into a Vermeer painting – Business Insider

Students from Bealart Secondary Art School launched their second annual art show at the TAP Center for Creativity in downtown London, Ont.., installing and selling the exhibition themselves.

Emily Hillman, a Bealart student, said the show titled Chrysalis is a great way for students to gain recognition.

“It’s great,” said Hillman. “TAPS is a great community place for artists to come and even though we’re still in high school, technically, we need to express our work in the community like this.”

The organizers described the theme of Chrysalis as the development and growth of youth hidden in a cocoon, similar to the basement of Bealart where the student works and studies.

Green and orange mugs are shown
“Dragonfruit” by Bealart student Emily Hillman. (Arfa Rana/CBC)

Hillman designed a series of five ceramic mug-like sculptures inspired by the appearance of grapefruits.

“I’m working on a series of fruit pools, kind of juxtaposing my film work with my ceramic work by making it lighter and fun,” says Hillman. “They have that dynamic shape and they have an interesting content inside and out and they are all so different in appearances that they are all different and unique.”

See the amazing art created by Bealart students

Bealart Secondary School students have some of their best work on display at the TAP Center for Creativity in downtown London, Ont.

Students create and install their own artwork

Bealart students are divided into different teams and are in-charge of putting on the exhibition by choosing the art works, installing the pieces and selling the show.

Each team works together to play a role in making the art exhibition come together. For example, the documentary team filmed the process from art creation to art installation.

Art gallery with sculptures and paintings.Art gallery with sculptures and paintings.
Bealart students are in charge of putting together the Chrysalis exhibition, a new challenge from last year’s show. (Arfa Rana/CBC)

Ada Yin is part of the opening reception team, while others are placed in the marketing, documentary, installation and promotion teams.

“We were all familiar with the community and so the teachers divided us into each group,” Yin said. “I’m responsible for opening the party, like sending out the invitations and then preparing the food and then we’ve got some shows coming up now so there’s some vibes going on.”

Kieran Belanger, communications support at the TAP Creativity Center, was impressed with the students’ artwork and how they brought the exhibit to life.

“I think the students did a great job,” Belanger said. “I hope we keep them coming back. I think it was a wonderful opportunity to let everyone shine and they did a great job… Hopefully we can do this for a long time.

The student exhibition at the TAPS Center for Creativity, 203 Dundas Street, is open to the public daily from noon to 9 pm through Saturday.

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