Government Shouldn’t Decide Whether People Get Abortions, ‘Canard’ Says Dems Don’t Support Limits

During a segment of an interview with CNN’s “The Source” that aired Monday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said it was “idiotic” for Democrats to support any abortion limits when It was also repeatedly said that it was not a ban on abortion. The government should decide whether people have abortions. Although Newsom said he believed there were limitations to the practice, he said shortly afterward that “in these rare and very rare and personal circumstances, the one thing I absolutely believe is that Donald Trump Shouldn’t have made that decision, I sure as hell shouldn’t have. It’s a mother’s decision to make.

“Another issue is abortion,” CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash asked. Accused of supporting abortion rights. Can you clarify that -“

Newsom then said, “What does that mean, after birth? Abortion after birth? It’s made up. It’s a political —”

Bash then interrupted to ask, “Okay, can you just be clear about what the limits on abortion should be?”

Newsom responded, “It’s a political thing. People aren’t looking for end-of-cycle abortions.”

Bash then asked, “What is the policy? What should it be?”

Newsom responded, “Policy, that’s not up to Donald Trump or me. It’s up to you, the women, to shoulder that responsibility in a unique and specific way. And the fact that it’s a Caird. It’s a political frame. It’s total BS, and it’s exactly where they need to go because they know they’ve gone too far on the other side.”

Bash then began to ask, “But there has to be some kind of — well, let me just talk about your state of California. As you well know, there’s a law on the books before you. which says you can have an abortion as long as it’s viable, which is around 24 weeks. Is that something you personally support?”

Newsom responded, “It’s in a California state law. That said, there was a constitutional amendment that we put on the ballot that has some significance. And so, that’s an area that’s decided by public opinion.” is being done and is likely to eventually be decided in the courts.

Bash then followed up, “So, is it the government’s role to -“. “It’s not our role to make that decision,” Newsome interjected.

Bash followed up again, “So, there shouldn’t be anything on the books?”

Newsom responded, “It’s a charade. It’s a false flag. This is where they need to get out of the mess they’ve created, because they don’t believe in basic choice and freedom for women. They don’t.” . I’ll hear you say. And, at the end of the day, those instances are so, so rare, when you literally have actionable issues that are deeply personal and painful. Others have been more eloquent than I. Having said that, when you’ve named a child and then you’re forced to make this terrible decision at the end of the term, and it hurts me to exploit that for political purposes.”

Bash then asked, “I just want to be clear, because people are going to listen very carefully to what you have to say. You don’t believe it’s the role of the national or state government to have a legal limit on books?”

Newsom responded, “The state of California has long believed in viability. I have long believed in viability. We moved forward with a constitutional amendment that raised some questions as it related to My point is, no one wants to see late, late-term abortions. There’s no one promoting it. That’s not what the Democratic Party stands for. That’s not my personal position. Those rare and In extremely rare and personal circumstances, one thing I absolutely believe is that Donald Trump should not, I sure as hell not be making that decision. This mother, the mother-to-be and her doctors and There is a decision for that. [whichever] His family member or priest believes it is right to do so. And, beyond that, with all due respect, I call BS on this entire debate. It is purely political candy.”

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