Govt to soon bring legislation to regulate digital media: Anurag Thakur Pipa News

Govt to soon bring legislation to regulate digital media: Anurag Thakur

  • Newspapers should publish true news
  • The government allowed self-regulation of print, electronic and digital media
  • Digital media has many opportunities and challenges, legislation will be introduced to make its work easier

Legislation will be introduced by the government to regulate digital media. The government is framing a bill making appropriate provisions for this. Earlier the spread of news was like a one-way communication but now after the advent and development of electronic and digital media the spread of news is multidimensional. Now events happening in a small village can reach the national stage through digital media in the form of news. The government has so far kept the print media, electronic media and digital media independent. It has been allowed self-regulation.

Many challenges before digital media

Thakur said that there are many opportunities and challenges before digital media. The government is working on what can be done to make it easy and convenient. By amending the law, its work will be made simpler and easier. We are working to bring a bill in this direction.

Registration of newspapers will be simplified

Thakur said that the registration of newspapers will be made easier. The government will soon introduce a new law to replace the Press and Registration of Books Act of 1867. In the new law, the registration process can be completed online within a week instead of 4 months.

Newspapers should publish true news

Newspapers should publish right news to people at right time. The working of the government, the details of the welfare schemes of the people and the policies should reach the people. Media should understand its responsibility and work. An atmosphere of fear and confusion should not be created. Thakur assured that the interests of journalists would be safeguarded by the government. The government provided financial support to the families of journalists who died in Corona.


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