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Grama Volunteer arrested in illegal liquor transportation case

The volunteer was arrested. He was caught by the police while transporting illegal liquor. The incident took place in Anantapur district. Volunteer Sreedhar from Beluguppa mandal Konampalli village in the district was arrested by the police while illegally transporting liquor from Karnataka state to his native village. SEB police nabbed him at Kalyanadurgam Outer Ring Road. Sridhar, the volunteer who was caught with illegal liquor, has been identified by the authorities as the son of a YCP leader who is a relative of an MP belonging to the ruling party.

According to the details of the SEB police, Sridhar, a village volunteer from Konampalli village of Beluguppa mandal of Anantapur district, was caught transporting tetra packets from Karnataka in his own car while checking the vehicles at Kalyanadurgam outer ring road. The value of seized Karnataka liquor is around one lakh and ten thousand rupees. Car owner Sridhar (volunteer) and driver Sudhakar were taken into custody after seizing the car along with Karnataka liquor.

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A thorough inspection of the car revealed that there were around 20 cases of Karnataka tetra packets in it. Immediately the accused and the car were taken into custody and taken to the station. Police have registered a case. Officials have disclosed the details of the incident that they will be sent to remand soon and the value of seized liquor will be one lakh and ten thousand.

CI Lakshmana Rao was very angry about the volunteer smuggling of alcohol. Sridhar, the son of Hanumantarayu, the village YCP leader. It is said that they are involved in smuggling of liquor. Another driver in this incident, Sudhakar, was identified by the police as a man from Manirevu village of Kalyanadurgam mandal.

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