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Grand Brahmotsavam in Srirangam temple of Vanaparthi district

Naveen Kumar, News18, Nagarkurnool

Those who do not have the opportunity to visit Lord Ranganatha Swamy in Srirangam in Tamil Nadu, visit Lord Ranganatha Swamy in Vanaparthy District. The uniqueness of this temple, located in the village of Srirangapuram, is still popular throughout the country. The glory of this temple, which flourished during the time of the Vanaparthi rulers, continues in the same way even today. The temple authorities have taken up all the arrangements regarding the Brahmotsavam of this temple. Ranganatha Swamy Brahmotsavam in Srirangapuram mandal center which is full of devotees started from February 28. The annual event lasts for about 15 days from Shuddha Purnima to Ugadi festival.

This year the fair will be held till March 9. Srirangam Puram Gram Seva Samiti is providing food and drinking water accommodation to the devotees who come for Rathotsavam. In other temples Rathotsavam is performed at night, but here it is special to perform it in the morning. Ranganatha Swamy Temple’s magnificent sculptural wealth captivates the devotees. The temple welcomes the devotees with its sky-like floors with gatekeeper sculptures in various sculptural traditions. Swami shows his abhayaya hand and to his left, Goddess Lakshmi gives darshan to the devotees in the quadrilateral shaped temple. Adjacent to the temple is a spacious pond called Sriranga Samudram, built by the lords of the day, which attracts the onlookers.

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Many films and TV serials have already been shot in this temple. Necessary constructions are underway to make this temple a tourist center. The erstwhile Kornipadu in Srirangapuram mandal is called today’s Srirangapuram village. This temple was built in the village about 340 years ago by Prabhu Ashtabhasha Bahiri Gopala Rao in the year 1670 of Christ Era, Sugoru Vanaparthi Sanstha. In the village, the temple of Sri Ranganayaka Swamy built on the Garudadri on the bank of Ranganatha Samudram pond is known as Apara Srirangam. Srirangapuranga, a village called Kornipadu, came into use in the construction of Sriranganatha Swamy temple. Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple in Srirangam village of Vanaparthi district has risen to fame along with Srirangam which is famous as a famous Vaishnava shrine in Tamil Nadu state.

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Devotees who do not have the strength to go to Srirangam and visit the Lord believe that they should not visit the temple in Srirangapuram. Festivals started in the temple on the occasion of Brahmotsavam. Vigneswara Puja Punya Vahana Ankurarpan was performed on the night of Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam on February 28. On the 1st of March, flag hoisting was done in the morning and Beri Puja was performed at night. On the 2nd, Mulamantra Vahanam in the morning, Surya Prabha and Tirunadi Utsav were held at night. On the 3rd, Moola Mantra Homam is performed in the morning and Sesha Vahana Tiruveedhi Utsav is performed at night. On 4th there will be Hanuman Vahana Seva Mahotsava in the morning Moolamantra Homam and night. On the 5th there will be Chatusthana Archana, Mohini Seva at 6 PM, Garuda Seva at 8 PM, Sri Vari Kalyanam.

On Monday 6th there will be Tiruveedhi Seva in the morning, Vratam at night, and Homam Gajavahana Seva. Rathotsavam will be organized on the seventh day at 10 am. On Wednesday 8th there will be morning utsavam, Srivari Moola Mantra Homam, night utsavam and Parvelu Asvaahana Seva. On the ninth day, Poornahuti Avadhootam, Tirtha Prasadam distribution, Dwajarohanam and Nagavalli festivals are held at night. Officials have also taken up all the arrangements for this festival. Due to the large number of devotees, advance arrangements have been made so that they do not face any inconvenience. These festivals are held before Ugadi to visit Sri Ranganatha Swamy, who is mounted on the Sesha Vahanam, to bring good things to them throughout the year. The festivities will be carried out according to the tradition passed down from generation to generation.

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