Groom who got drunk in Haryana and broke up his wedding

Groom who got drunk in Haryana and broke up his wedding

In Haryana, a wedding came to a halt. The marriage, which was supposed to take place for a while, was annulled due to a last-minute commotion by the son of the bride. The girl, who wanted to marry off two daughters in one day, had her parents’ mind blackened by the groom’s offer of a small daughter. The eldest daughter’s wedding ended in grandeur. The youngest daughter got married. The incident took place in Mahendragarh district of Haryana. The girl’s parents decided to marry their two daughters on May 12. The wedding venue was decorated with colorful flowers and set up by a DJ. Delicious recipes for dinner. However, due to the over action of the son-in-law alone, the marriage which came to the pedestal led to the panchayat. The parents of the two marriages had to come from different places while the groom had to marry the eldest daughter first.

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Relatives, friends and family waited for another daughter to get married. The son-in-law, who left for the evening procession, along with his friends made Nana Yagi drunk on the roads under the name of Bharat. Did not reach the wedding venue until nightfall. The locals called Dial 112 as the son-in-law by the name of Barat could not bear the fuss made by his friends. The DJ was stopped by the police. The bride’s parents called the choirs, insisting that she should form a band. The groom arrived at the wedding venue around midnight with alcohol intoxication.

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The groom’s son who came to the wedding not only danced under the name of his friends Barat but also behaved rudely towards the girls who came to the wedding. With this, the parents, who had made all the arrangements for the marriage of the second daughter, got divorced after seeing the true nature of the son of the bride. The parents said that they had to tell Sardi if the groom’s friends got drunk and go round, and if he got drunk and got into a fight, how could they give our girl and marry her, so we canceled.

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Even after all this, the son of the bride did not go back. Angered that the wedding had been canceled, the bride destroyed the arrangements made by the parents. Not only that, he complained to the local police. He said in the complaint that he was beaten up if he said he would marry without a dowry. Police arrived at the spot and heard what the girl’s relatives said and gently resolved the issue.

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