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Guidelines for schools in Assam

When the school is over, the school authority will take the tree. School Chaudhat Rowa Nemu Tenga tree fruit will be used Lagib Pradhanmantri’s food is intended. This directive is issued to the entire Education Executive.

In order to improve the quality of education, Gunotsav has already been organized in schools. It is another matter whether the student or the teacher gets the result after the graduation. But this time, the school authority will take away the tenga tree. The boundary of the school is the boundary of the school. In other words, the school authorities will have to do the farming of Nemu Tenga. These instructions are issued to the entire Education Executive.

The instructions to do nemu tenga cultivation have been issued by the Office of the State Comptroller of Power Development. It has been directed by the district coordinator of all education that the schools should take Rs.

The fruit of the Nemu Tenga tree will be used for the food of the Chief Minister. This instruction has not been implemented, you will be observed. The school authorities will be required to submit information about the progress of nemu tenga gach or nemu kheti in the schools on the fifth day of every month. The school authorities have issued instructions to the head teacher of Anandpur Primary School in Baxa to bully Lagib Buli. According to the head teacher, the district needs to give importance to improving the quality of education in the school.

Medicinal plants are already growing in Piyalikhata Middle English School of Baihata Charali. This time there is an instruction to plant nemu tenga tree after the wheel. Saju school authorities followed the instructions of the circle In the past, many schools have not given this instruction


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