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Guinness Book of World Records: Guinness World Records Handwritten by Lachit Barphukonak, Official Certificate in Chief Minister’s Office

Organized to coincide with the 400th birth anniversary of Vir Lachit Barphukon, the writing of the biography of Vir Lachit created a Guinness World Record. This world record was officially presented by Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Vishwa Sharma on behalf of the crowd-funded Guinness World Records certificate.

The court of the world was lit up with snow covered by brave warriors who had defeated the Mughals. 400 years later, Lachita holds a world record in biographical writing. On the occasion of the 400th birth anniversary of Veer Lachit Barphukan, Rajya Juri had been carrying out various programs in the past years. A big military event was organized in Delhi The President, Prime Minister, Union Home Minister and other ministers were present in this event. During this year, the state government launched an online portal on the subject of Veer Lachit and arranged for submission of handwritten essays online. People from outside the state also submitted manuscripts based on the life of the hero. It is this writing that creates the writing. This huge number of heroic snowballs became a handwritten Guinness World Record. 42 lakh 94 thousand 350 times when the Guinness World Record authority accepted and recognized it. This rare recognition was given by Assam Charkar on behalf of the Guinness World Record Authority in this special event organized by Janata Bhavan on Thursday.

Assam Charkar, Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma took this post. Taking the world record sheet and writing in different languages ‚Äč‚Äčabout Vir Lachita in the Chief Minister’s office. Ahile Buli mentions many unknown things about the life of Bir Lachit and Shraighat Ran for the first time by writing this work. Buranji also mentioned the words written by the Chief Minister – “During the 400th anniversary celebrations, many people complained that in Assam, the lachit snowmen were kept hidden on the day of faith?” Konobai ko’pare I have spent money on lachit barfukan. But I forced myself to know about Raizak Lachit Let’s look at the net, google and let the outsider know.

In the Chief Minister’s village, there was a school of snow-covered snowmen at the place of the former offices of the district. After him, the battle of Saraighat was going on The Chief Minister said that history – “History has been presented many times to doubt the bravery.” Work is in progress from DC office Guwahati Let’s preserve all the weapons Itakhuli was the commander of the army You were the first martyr of Saraighat Lachit Barfukan’s school was located in the old DC office. I did not know about this There was a national hero in every battle of Saraighat. was helping The soldiers of Saraighat were helping the queen Atan Bargohai’s army was being handed over to the Mughals. Only Ramani Gavru was not given I have not been honored by many brave people.”

The Chief Minister also raised the issue of 226 years and said, “There was no BJP before 226.” But Barechhariyat with padum ful is seen separately. This is a world record I will not suffer This record itself Barechhariyat More Lagat Gai Dharmendra Pradhan Acharit Hai Parile. I didn’t tell you about us.”

Not only because of the writings of the heroic Lachit Varphukan – Charideu Maidan will get recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On April 14, 14,000 Bihu Mari Karib is a world record. Bootlib also holds the glory of world records in Assam for Bagrumba and Kholbadan.

According to the Chief Minister, the people of the world will speak their words in Assam.

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