Gujarat jitu vaghani drives tractor in Praveshotsav

Anand: School Entrance Ceremony all over Gujarat – The three-day Mahayagna of Kanya Kelavani Mahotsav is going on amidst a joyous atmosphere. On the second day of the festival, state education minister Jitu Waghan was present at Thamana primary school in Umreth taluka of Anand district. The Education Minister said that the dream of the then Chief Minister of Gujarat and the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make Kanya Kelvani come true and to increase the female literacy rate in Gujarat, he became the true driver of the Kanya Kelvani Rathyatra. The omissions were taken to elementary school. Not only that, but the children eligible for admission in the school were given educational kits with a fatherly feeling of intimacy.

On the second day of the three-day school entrance ceremony in the state, Minister Jitu Waghan arrived at Thamana to attend the inauguration ceremony. There was a line of students on both sides approximately 200 meters away from the primary school to greet him. There were also plans to take.

When Jitu Waghan reached the spot, he immediately came to know about this, so instead of welcoming the village sarpanch as well as the villagers and school family who participated in the program in this way, he himself put the children entering the school and the daughters standing to greet him in a tractor. Not only did he say that he would drive them to school but he himself drove the tractor to take the daughters – the eligible children to school – and everyone present was touched by the minister’s ease.

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In order to make Gujarat a leader in the field of education and to educate daughters along with their sons and to increase the rate of girls ‘education in the state, the state government conducts a grand campaign in the form of school entrance ceremony and girls’ education rathyatra every year.

To make the campaign truly meaningful, State Education Minister Jitu Waghan himself became the driver of the tractor-like rathyatra at a function held at Thamana today, driving the tractor from a distance of more than 200 meters to take the village girls and admissible boys and girls to school. The Education Minister’s instinctive work of becoming a tractor driver in the form of a girls ‘education rathyatra is a true reflection of the state government’s commitment to girls’ education.

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