Gurdas Mann will present his performance at the G-20 Summit – News18 Punjab Pipa News

Gurdas Mann will present his performance at the G-20 Summit – News18 Punjab

On Friday, Punjab’s famous singer Gurdas Maan paid obeisance at Sri Harmandir Sahib. The government has also invited Gurdas Maan to the ongoing G-20 Summit in Amritsar and he will also present his performance on stage. During the conversation with the media, Gurdas Maan said that bowing down at the feet of Guru Maharaj brings a lot of relief to a person. On this occasion, many people and fans of Gurdas Maan clicked pictures with him.

Let us tell you that delegates from many countries have come for the G-20 summit. In this episode, Gurdas Maan will also grace them with his songs. Before Gurdas Maan, many singers from Punjab have given their performance in G-20. But Gurdas Maan’s craze is different. His Chhalla song has been on people’s tongues for the past 40 years. Gurdas Maan Se Chhalla song is requested in almost every show. Apart from common people, Punjabi singers also like Gurdas Maan a lot.

Recently, Gurdas Maan also visited the late singer Sidhu Moosewala’s house and met his family. Gurdas Maan often visits Sidhu’s house. This time, Gurdas Maan fulfilled his promise to Sidhu by eating hearth bread at his house.

Let us tell you that Sidhu Moosewala was also a big fan of Gurdas Maan and both the shows were going to be together in Mansa. But due to the murder of Sidhu before this, the show could not take place.

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