Guwahati: Strict Ambubachi norms harass elderly sadhus who visit every year


GUWAHATI: Some sadhus, who arrived in Ambubachi for their annual pilgrimage to the Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, expressed their displeasure over the strict norms and guidelines put in place by the Kamrup (M) district administration and the Assam government to keep the festivities short this time– due to floods in the state. Important matter because of the situation.

Yogesh Muni Kali Kamali Wale, an elderly monk from Banaras, a regular pilgrim for 40 years, said he was not happy with the arrangements this time. He said that he has to walk from the shelter of Bharlumukh to the temple every morning.


he said, "There are vehicles for the youth policemen and other officers but no movement has been provided to the elderly like us. When I asked the officials to provide transport to take me to the temple, the young security personnel misbehaved with me and treated me like a worm. Are Hindus of Sanatan Dharma being treated like this here?"

The monk further said, "There is also a CM in UP. Our state organizes bigger religious gatherings than this but we never have to face such inconveniences. Yogi ji takes care of us."

he adds, "It has now become impossible for me to go to the shelter and back every day. So I have to stay here but then what will I eat? I eat fruits at this time. I am only getting three meals of tea here in the temple."

Another Aghori Baba, better known as Kala Baba, Vinod Nath of West Bengal has expressed similar protest. he said, "The arrangements are good but the authorities should also pay attention to the convenience of the devotees. Strict regulation of foot and vehicular traffic is delaying and prolonging our visits in and out of the temple.",

He added, "We already have to walk so long to go to the temple and back. On top of that, every time we want to leave the temple, we have to walk through a long one-way walkway to keep the crowd under control. Also, this time there is no place for us to stay on the hill so we walk for long hours every day."

The district administration and the state government have issued strict guidelines for the movement of pilgrims’ vehicles on the Kamakhya main road and adjoining lanes due to the flood situation in the state.

Pedestrian movement is being maintained one-way, due to which it takes a long time to re-enter the temple premises, if one wants to exit for a moment.

All types of vehicles have been banned except for local residents, government soldiers and vehicles of essential services on Kamakhya Road. Hundreds of pilgrims can be seen climbing the Nilachal hill to make it to the top at any given time.


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