Gyanvapi-like claim also presented in Rajpura, Punjab, police deployed PiPa News

Gyanvapi-like claim also presented in Rajpura, Punjab, police deployed

On the lines of Gyanvapi, new issues of old mosques and temples are being raised from many cities of the country. A similar dispute has come to the fore in Rajpura, Patiala in Punjab. Members of the Sikh and Hindu communities have accused the Muslim community of forcibly occupying and converting a Sikh inn into a mosque. .

what is the claim

According to some locals, the two Sikh families were living in the disputed structure till 2017 and were reportedly forced to leave. It is learned that the Waqf Board had staked claim on the structure in 2016. Locals told India Today that the inn was transformed into a mosque two years ago and a dome was built and painted green.

It is also alleged that symbols of Sikhism were removed from the structure.

what is counterclaim

The Muslim community has said that the mosque existed even before 1947 and has only been renovated now. Following complaints from locals that people from Haryana and UP were creating trouble by coming to the area, a police force was deployed near the building.

Both the parties have been asked to submit necessary documents to substantiate their claims.

Rajpura Sub-Divisional Magistrate Himanshu Gupta said, I have heard both the sides. Sikhs and Hindus claim that the building was originally an inn but the Muslim community claims that it was a mosque. There are two days to submit the documents.



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