Hajj 2022 draw will be held in Islamabad today PiPa News

Hajj 2022 draw will be held in Islamabad today

The names of the recipients of Hajj under the government Hajj scheme will be announced on Sunday, May 15.

Hajj 2022 draw will be held in Islamabad today. According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Hajj quota for Pakistan is 81,000. More than 63,000 Hajj applications were received from across the country for the government scheme.

The quota of government Hajj scheme is 32 thousand. 40% of the total quota is for public and 60% for private Hajj scheme. Under the government scheme, Hajj expenses will be Rs. 7 to 10 lakhs.

According to reports, less applications have been received this year than in previous years. Receipt of Hajj applications has not been extended due to lack of time.

According to officials, pilgrims can also verify their data from the website of the Ministry of Hajj. It should be noted that the last day for submission of applications through banks was Friday, May 13.

Ministry of Religious Affairs

Hajj arrangements have been decided at the international level for the first time after Kuwait. A quota of 81,132 pilgrims has been set for Pakistan in Hajj 2022 this year. 40% of the pilgrims will go through government scheme, while 60% will go through private scheme. Private Hajj is likely to exceed 1.2 million.

Helpline number

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has launched helplines 0519205696 and 0519216980-82. Pilgrims can get guidance by sending a message on the official WhatsApp number 03063332555.

The limit of action for Hajj this year has been fixed

The upper age limit for Hajj this year has been fixed at 65 years.


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